Sol-ix started as a project to see if ethernet was a technology that could work on a hub. Song, Lidero Networks, Telenor and the IT University (kth) participated in this test.
As the outcome of the tests was positive, it was decided to continue operating the node.

The node was placed at the following addresses in Stockholm:
Song’s Telehouse in Vreten (Solna)
Stokab’s fiber hub in central Stockholm (operated by Lidero Networks).
Telenor’s premises in Solna
Stokab’s fiber hub, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista (IT University)

Song and Telenor decide to discontinue their participation as a driving party in sol-ix, this because of restructuring in the companies.

Lidero Network and KTH continue to operate the hub.
Hardware upgrades are underway and the opportunity to connect with 10G is offered.