Welcome to Solix

An internet exhange point in Stockholm with no monthly recurring fees

About Solix

SOLIX is an Internet Exchange (IX) where anyone with their own ASN can join and exchange traffic with each other. This exchange of traffic is commonly known as “peering”.

There are significant cost benefits to connecting to SOLIX. If you connect to the Internet through one or more ISPs (upstreams), transit fees must be paid to these companies. Anyone who joins SOLIX can directly negotiate to exchange part of their internet traffic with other members via peering on a settlement-free basis.

The IXP is established at the following nodes in Stockholm.

  • Stokab KN7
  • Equinix SK1
  • GleSYS Västberga
  • Obehosting Kista Gate
  • Interxion Kista

The Exchange Point is owned by Lidero Network AB.